Preparing Your Home For Rent-Part Two

If you’ve read Part One of our blog Preparing Your Home For Rental, you seen just a few tips on what you need to do to attract the best possible tenant for your home. National Property Management Group Miami specializes in property management for homeowners who need to find tenants but who don’t want to be landlords. So here are a few more tips to get your home ready.

A well-prepared rental property reduces future problems.

Continue with any repairs both inside and out. Make the quality of the repair the same as if you were living there. Tenants may be harder on a rental property than you would so any good quality repairs are not only for cosmetic reasons but for durability.

Test your air quality for any volatile organic compounds (VOC), mold, second hand smoke or other pollutants. It’s a good idea to protect yourself in case of future claims from tenants.

Consult with a real estate attorney to draw up a legally effective lease document for landlord and tenant to use in the lease agreement. Don’t try and do this yourself, there are things you won’t even think of to include that an attorney will put in place.

If you plan to leave any furnishings or personal belongings behind be sure and photograph and document any damage before you rent your property. Be prepared for damage from everyday use. If something has particular sentimental value consider putting it into storage if you can’t stand the idea of it becoming damaged.

Photograph everything else in your property to note existing damage or repairs. Include windows, walls, appliances, flooring, kitchen and bathrooms. Head off any conflicts over damage (and security deposit) after your tenants move in.

Know your rights as a landlord. If you’ve never been one before you have a lot of learning to do. Legal limits over evictions, compensation for property damage, neighbor complaints, repair responsibility and the list goes on.

After reading Parts One and Two of how to prepare your property you may be persuaded to favor one tip out of them all: hiring a property manager.  Most landlords do it professionally, they don’t have other full time responsibilities so can be on call 24/7. If this makes your stomach clench turn to National Property Management Group Miami (Rent KC Management Group) for help. Our professional team can manage your home until the time is right for you to sell, resume your occupancy or find another option. You can rest easy that we will promote your home, carefully screen any applicants and maintain he property to your complete satisfaction.

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