Landscaping To Attract Tenants

If you’re planning to rent your home you should know about curb appeal. We’ve written about how to prepare your home to attract the right tenants but we’ll go a bit further into the exterior landscaping that can bring renters running

Landscaping is a great way to attract renters.

The number of rentals on the market can be small for the upscale tenant. So your best bet may be to consult with a landscaping company to make your property the most attractive. They can recommend the kind of plant specimens that will last a long time with minimal upkeep if necessary.

Add one or two unusual specimen plants to add interest to your foundation landscape and will make a statement. Unusual or uncommon specimens aren’t difficult to find and you’ll be impressed at how much they improve the look of your home.

Invest in perennials that rotate growth and blooming. Perennials are the plants that come back year after year so you can depend on their blooms. They can be planted in a way that something will always be in prime shape all year round.

Maintain your lawn. This is key as no amount of decorative plantings can disguise struggling turf. It’s probably worth investing in a company that can both improve and maintain your yard at least for the short term to get it looking great.

And lastly everything looks better with a nice layer of mulch. Planting beds look refreshed and cleaner and it will help keep the weeds to a minimum. Landscape edging or curbing will also add a good, clean definition to your beds and increase their beauty.

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