The Tenant’s Guide To Home Protection During The Holidays

Protecting your home is the same whether you rent or own your home. Taking steps to protect it isn’t difficult but does deserve some attention.

The holidays can mean travel and homes can be vacant for days or even weeks and this can be a prime time for break-ins. So keep your season merry and keep your stuff where it belongs.

Keep your home secure during the holidays.

  • Don’t broadcast your travel plans. This can mean social media posts but it can also mean the grocery store or even your hair salon. Smart thieves put themselves where they can hear your plans.
  • Some experts even warn against stopping mail or the newspaper. Those lists can be easily obtained and now those ne’er do wells have the exact dates of your absence.
  • If you decide to keep those services have a neighbor or friend stop by and collect your mail or newspaper.
  • Give your contact information to your landlord or property manager so they can reach you in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t leave a message on our home answering machine that you’ll be gone. Otherwise thieves will hear,  “We’re headed to Bora Bora for Christmas, please help yourselves to our home theater!”.
  • Make your home look lived-in. Setting timers in different rooms to lights and even televisions can simulate occupancy.
  • Keep bushes trimmed by doors and windows to eliminate convenient cover for those who would love to remove your iPods.
  • Unplug your garage door opener and make sure it’s locked. If you’re leaving your car behind park it outside to look like you’re home.
  • Invest in renter’s insurance. Your belongings won’t be covered by the property owner so take the time to get some. It’s inexpensive and well worth it.
  • Place your Aunt Imelda’s fruit cake on your front porch. This is a proven method of theft deterrent and will discourage all manner of mischief.

The holiday season should be for fun, bad sweaters, too much food, awkward gift giving and family time. Protect your home and possessions so you’ll return to the same place you left. National Property Management Group Miami does not advise pretending your brother-in-law’s Jelly Of The Month Club gift was stolen from your car. His second choice was plaid pants.

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