7 Tips To Choose The Best Property Management Company

When homeowners need to rent their homes they can feel like they’ll be prey to less-than-honest property management companies who will drown them in fees and leave their homes to the whimsies of bad renters. After all, finding a good management company isn’t easy, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

National Property Management Group Miami has a few tips for homeowners to find the best property management company for their needs.

  1. Compare management companies. Don’t just sign with the first company you interview. Talk to several, compare prices and services, ask questions and most importantly, write everything down. Ask for an itemized list of just what you’ll be paying for.
    Do your homework when finding a property manager for your home.

    Do your homework when finding a property manager for your home.

  2. Does this company specialize in home-owned property? If you’re not a landlord with multiple properties that need to be managed but a homeowner who simply needs help for a while, you may be sent to the back of a company’s priority list.
  3. What kind of marketing will they do? Do they know your area of town and the best places to advertise for tenants? Is the marketing fee included in the overall fee?
  4. How will they screen potential tenants? Do they perform the proper background and credit checks and will they be fair to any applicants? On the flip side-how do they handle problem tenants?
  5. Ask for references from both other property owners as well as tenants. If they aren’t willing to provide them it’s probably because there’s nothing good to say.
  6. This is pretty basic but are they nice to you? Do you feel like you have their full attention and are they willing and patient enough to answer the basic questions of a novice landlord? Impatience and rudeness to someone who may be cutting them a check doesn’t bode well for you or your tenants.
  7. Talk maintenance. What will they do for you and just who’s going to do it? Consider the company’s management load to number of people doing maintenance. You don’t want to hear that a broken water pipe took a week or more to fix. Set a fixed discretionary amount in the contract so you’re not surprised by a bill for a new water heater you weren’t expecting.

This is a good list to get you started on your way to renting your home. National Property Management Group Miami specializes in managing property for homeowners who need to rent their homes. Whether you’ve been relocated for work, inherited a home or simply want to wait out the market, National Property Management Group Miami will treat your home like it was meant to be treated and give you peace of mind.

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