Home Decorating Tips: Using Lamps To Brighten Your Rental Home

If you live in a rental property you may not have much control over decorating. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own stamp on your home. Lamps are a great way to modify lighting without having to change out fixtures. Table and floor lamps can play both a functional and decorative role in your house. Size, shape and style all need to be taken into account when selecting lamps to suit both your lighting needs and taste in home decor. They also create an ambience that a ceiling fixture just can’t match.

lamp-decorating-light-Experiment with sizes. Floor lamps, table lamps and even tiny lamps that are mostly just for decoration can all share a room.  Just be sure it delivers the light you need.

-Vary the height. Tall lamps aren’t just for the floor. A small lamp can look great on top of a stack of books, old suitcases or tucked on top of a tall bookcase

-Experiment with lampshades. A fabulous way to jazz up a room without spending a lot of money is a new lampshade. Go way out on one or two to jazz up a room. There are even DIY projects that can be done on the cheap. A good rule of thumb is to match the shape of the base with the shape of the shade.lighting-decorating-lamp

-Check consignment shops for one or two-of-a-kind lamps. You’ll find a selection that not everyone else will have including vintage and classic styles.

-Make your own. That’s why you spend all that time on Pinterest, isn’t it? Even if you can barely color within the lines you can find a lamp project worth doing.

decorating-lamp-lightingLamps are essential decorating elements that also serve a function. But the best part about a good lamp is that we all look better by lamplight! So clear those side tables and brighten up those dark corners.

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