A Lesson In Property Management: Bad Renters

One of the reasons that homeowners trust National Property Management Group Miami is our treatment of tenants. From thorough screening of prospective tenants to maintaining a positive relationship with existing ones we take tenants very seriously.

And that includes tenants who don’t measure up to initial impressions. In the unlikely event you end up with a bad tenant, we take the pressure off the homeowner and deal with bad renters in the best way possible. If a tenant does not live up to their end of the lease agreement we can step in to help rectify the situation.


There’s a procedure when it comes to a negative renter situation and a good management company knows how to follow the rules. There are fair housing rules and regulations and other legal considerations that will determine the proper course of action. It’s not like the movies where a landlord can just lock out a tenant and be done with it.

From lease details to fair warnings to legal proceedings, a property management company worth signing with will know exactly what can and can’t be done to protect the homeowner from lawsuits.

If you’re a homeowner with property to rent let us help. Our philosophy is to take the burden of being a landlord away from someone who may not have the time or expertise to manage their own property. We’ll find the best tenants, maintain the property and handle all the day to day headaches. And that includes one of the least enjoyable aspects; dealing with bad tenants.

So give us a call if you’d like to hear about how National Property Management Group Miami can manage your property the best way possible.

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