Top 5 Safety Tips For Property Managers

Top 5 Safety Tips For Property ManagersWhen you think about the most dangerous jobs a person can have, being a property manager doesn’t rank very high on the list. However, that is not to say there are not potentially dangerous situations that come with the job. How often does a property manager schedule an appointment to meet at a vacant property with a person they know absolutely nothing about? How often is a single employee left alone in the office to handle calls or schedule after hours appointments? While we rarely ever hear of this becoming an issue, property managers are put in potentially dangerous, or deadly, situations all the time.

Safety Tips For Property Managers

Find out more about who you are meeting to show a home to. While multi-unit property managers might already have safety policies in place, managers showing single family homes often do not. As a result, these property managers are often placing themselves in potentially dangerous situations. You should get as much information as possible about the new client before showing the property.

Schedule in-office meetings prior to showing the rental property. In research studies, most convicted assailants have stated that they are looking for the easy target. They are looking for quick, easy victims with limited possibility for witnesses. Having a formal meeting and having the potential client show proof of identification or simply filling out an application can often scare off criminals.

Listen to your own intuition. When dealing with the public on a regular basis, many of us have developed a fairly solid intuition about people. If something about the person or situation feels a bit off to you, take the time to do additional checking. If your gut is saying don’t do it, stop and evaluate the situation.

Avoid working alone. There’s no rule that says you have to show a property alone. Bring another employee along with you if you can. While this might seem inconvenient and may not always be an option, it can prevent dangerous situations. An employee should also never be left alone in the office or at one of the managed properties for an extended period of time.

Property managers are often working with significant sums of money. You should never work with cash and avoid keeping large amount of money with you or in the office. By making the fact well known that you do not work with cash, you can help avoid attracting criminal activity. Encouraging online payments and credit transactions can also be used to cut down on the number of checks found in the office at any given time.

While property management is not considered a dangerous occupation, the possibility is always there. Take a proactive approach towards the safety of both you and your staff.

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