Holiday Decorating Ideas for Rental Properties

With Thanksgiving officially behind us, you’ve probably started throwing around holiday decorating ideas or breaking out your holiday bins — even if it’s not exactly wintry in Miami. Decorating for winter holidays in a rental property can present challenges you might not face in a home you own, from space concerns to regulations set out by your landlord or property management group.

While it’s important to adhere to the terms of your lease and follow all property guidelines to stay safe in your rental, that doesn’t mean that you can’t deck the halls! Here are some holiday decorating ideas to use in your rental property.

Holiday Decorating Ideas for Rental Properties

Christmas Tree Alternatives

If your rental home or apartment can’t accommodate a real Christmas tree due to landlord regulations or space issues, don’t fret. Here are a few holiday decorating ideas for traditional Christmas tree alternatives:

  • Slim faux trees: Most retailers offer a slim fake tree, some that are already pre-lit for you! Going faux eliminates the fire hazards and clean-up concerns that come with real trees, plus the slimmer size will make it fit nicely in your rental home.

  • Wall decals or paper trees: If a faux tree won’t do the trick, try these holiday decorating tips and opt for a wall decal or a paper tree. You won’t be able to hang up real ornaments, but your unobtrusive, 1D tree should still spread some cheer.

  • Grab some branches & hang away: Scour the outdoors for a branch or purchase a faux one from the store, then pop it in a vase and adorn it with some ornaments.

Hanging Your Stockings With Care

Your rental home may not have a mantle upon which to hang your stockings. Try these holiday decorating ideas to ensure Santa can find where to stuff your gifts:

  • Use removable plastic hooks: Buy a pack of removable plastic hooks from the store and use them to hang your stockings. Be sure to follow the instructions for removal so that the adhesive doesn’t damage your walls — and ask your landlord or property manager if you’re allowed to use them on your rental property.

  • Hang stockings from your coat hooks: If your rental has a coat rack, hang a few of your stockings there!

  • Tape up some ribbon & clip on your stockings: Use some masking tape to hang a swath of ribbon from a window sill, then clip your stockings there.

Christmas LightsMiami | Holiday Decorating Ideas for Rental Properties

Our holiday decorating ideas wouldn’t be complete without including Christmas lights. If you live in an apartment, you won’t be allowed to hang Christmas lights from your roof — and even if you’re allowed to in your multi-story rental home, you may not want to brave a ladder to do so. Add a little twinkle to your rental property by hanging lights inside. Use tape or plastic hooks to drape it around doorways, and hang some up by your windows so that the glow can still be seen from the street. Be sure to hang them so they don’t lay against your curtains and pose any fire risks.


These holiday decorating tips aren’t just for Christmas. If you celebrate Hanukkah but your landlord or property management group doesn’t allow you to light candles due to the potential fire hazard, you can always purchase a stylish electronic menorah for use in the holiday.

Hang Faux Snowflakes

The last of our holiday decorating ideas? If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas down in Miami, you shouldn’t hold your breath — but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a few fake flakes and tape them to your windows or hang them from your doorways using fishing line.

Be Sure to Consult Your Landlord or Property Management Group

When it comes time to spruce up your rental property, you should always ask your landlord or property management group about their holiday decorating policies. That way, you’ll know what decorations are allowed, and which of our holiday decorating ideas you’ll need to implement.

Do you have any holiday decorating ideas you’ve used to brighten up your rental property? Share them in the comments!

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