Miami Lifestyle

While there may be several sandy beaches in this Magical City, only a week or two of living here will show you that there are just about as many different cultures as there are waterfronts. Miami is truly an international city rich with festivals, restaurants and traditions from all over the world.

Miami is often referred to as a “melting pot” city because of its unique and distinct neighborhoods. You can experience a new culture, and often even a different language, from street to street.  It’s highly advised that if you’re relocating to Miami to rent a home first in order to determine which neighborhood is the best fit for you.

Miami Neighborhoods

Like any large city, there are pockets of neighborhoods throughout the city of Miami that are unique and distinct. Below is a quick snapshot of Miami’s unique international community and neighborhoods:

Coconut Grove: This area houses great historical landmarks of Miami. Its library, churches, playhouse, botanical gardens and parks are a popular tourist and resident attraction. The area contains luxury homes, high-rises, shopping and beaches.
Coral Way: Known for its historic urban boulevard, Coral Way has some of the most distinct and unique architecture in Miami.
Downtown: Most go to downtown Miami for work and recreation. Downtown houses many of Miami’s most popular attractions such as sporting event centers, cruise ports, museums and entertainment districts. The downtown district is also a hub of the financial, trade and tourism industries. Many worldwide organizations are headquartered or have a location in Miami.
Flagami: A smaller neighborhood in Miami with a couple of elementary schools and parks; mostly residential homes.
Model City: Several single-family homes and a growing market for high-rise living are in Model City.
Overtown: One of Miami’s historical neighborhoods which is continuing to develop more office and residential areas while maintaining its historical roots and cultural pride.
Upper Eastside: This is one of Miami’s most popular neighborhoods and continues to grow. It has a great mix of people from all cultures and income levels. Several beautiful beaches are easily accessible from this area. Its expansion in commercial properties and exciting public events make it a fun and great place to live.
West Flagler: This area houses a historic performing arts center and the popular dog track in Miami.
Wynwood/Edgewater:  Is known for its contemporary housing options (multi-family and single-family) and community fairs each year. Wynwood is a hub for artists, local and international, and is seen as a popular arts and cultural center in Miami.

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