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Most of our Miami rental properties consist of upper bracket executive rentals. Home values range anywhere from $300,000 – $1 million or more. We work with several international clients and those moving to Miami from out-of-state looking for an executive rental home.

If you don’t see what you are looking for in our Miami rental properties, please email or call us with your needs and we will do our best to locate a perfect home for you at no charge. By using National Property Management Group, we will use our connections in the Miami real estate community to find a great high-end rental property for you.

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Application Information
Renter’s Insurance

Application Information for Rental Homes

To guarantee a great relationship between you, the landlord and our leasing agency, we require a thorough application process. We use a secure online program to process leasing applications that maintains confidentiality and security of personal account information.

Each tenant interested in one of our Miami rental properties goes through the following steps to apply:

Step One: Initial Application for Renting a Home in Miami

To begin the process of applying for one of our rental listings in Miami, please use the Contact Us form. We request the following information to get started:

• A list of all adult occupants and their email addresses
• Requested lease terms
• Move in date
• Length of lease (average is 1-3 years)
• Pet information
• Requests of maintenance or accommodations that must be done prior to move in other than standard home and carpet cleaning services.

Please click on this link and then click on “Apply Online” and complete the Rental Application. Upon receiving your application, each adult occupant will then receive an email request from MySmartMove.com.

Questions about the rental process? Give us a call at (786) 358-0013.

Step 2: MySmartMove.com (Secure Credit & Background Checks for Renters)

We use SmartMove to streamline the rental process and make moving in faster and easier. Tied in with TransUnion (a credit reporting agency that safely houses data for approximately 500 million people worldwide), SmartMove also gives you the ability to apply for a lease while protecting your personal information. Instead of sending your social security number to an unknown landlord or investor, you provide it to SmartMove (AKA TransUnion) that will in turn generate your reports without disclosing your personal identification and account numbers, and with a much quicker turnout time. Plus, when you use SmartMove your credit score will not be impacted. Unlike when a lender or landlord retrieves your information, SmartMove lets you be the one to initiate the request for your own file to be sent and is seen as a ‘soft hit’ on your credit history.

When you receive a link from the landlord via SmartMove, you’ll need to create a secure account and then review the landlord’s requests. This is basically giving an OK to the landlord to have SmartMove run background checks to ensure you’re a good fit for the property.

SmartMove will verify your identity and provide the landlord with a leasing recommendation, your credit report and criminal history – yet without your personal identification and account numbers.

Step 3: Lease Agreement & Deposits, Rent and Fees

Once you have submitted your request and completed the process via SmartMove, you will receive a lease by email. Please have all parties listed on the lease provide an email.

Upon signing the lease, we will contact the owner for their approval. Once notified of their approval, the deposit and/or rent is due. To make online deposits/rent payments, visit www.paylease.com.

Deposits, Rent & Fees for Miami Rental Properties

The security deposit for any of our rental homes is one month’s rent. Payment is due at the lease signing. Per landlord tenant law, it cannot be used as your last month’s rent payment.

Your entire first month’s rent is due in full three days before your move-in date. Your second moth’s rent will be pro-rated if you move in after the 1st of the month.

Any leases less than 12 months will be subject to a $100 short-term fee.

Move-In Inspections

Move-in inspections are done at the rental property prior to your move to verify the condition of the property. We will be looking at the general condition of the home, both inside and outside. We take notes of the property before occupancy. Once you take possession of the home, you will have 3 business days to complete your own inspection to determine pre-existing conditions that you do not want to be responsible for at move out.

We will also conduct a move-out inspection after you have vacated the property. If the property is in good condition and has been well-kept without any problem areas (that weren’t noted in the move-in inspection), you will receive a full refund of your safety deposit. We do our best to coach you on how to get a full refund.

Utilities In your Rental Property

It is your responsibility to notify utility companies upon your move-in date. National Property Management Group does NOT take responsibility in transferring the utilities into your name.

Renter’s Insurance

The renter is responsible for insurance to cover the contents of the home. This is available through your insurance agent. Some owners require “pet insurance” also.


It is the renter’s responsibility to mow and maintain the lawn unless otherwise stated in your lease agreement.

Interested in property information or to schedule a showing for one of our Miami homes for rent? Please call (786) 358-0013.