Miami Homeowners

If you own a rental property in Miami, let National Property Management Group handle the rest. As property management experts, we will lease and manage your investment properties on your behalf. We’re experienced in finding highly qualified tenants to rent your properties so you have an continuous income stream without the hassle of maintenance or complex tenant relationships.

Services of National Property Management Group in Miami:

Professional Leasing Services:

  • Advertising, marketing, showing, providing you with a comprehensive lease to protect you and your property,
  • Complete tenant screening (verification of income, credit, full background checks (including criminal, eviction, and previous rental history),
  • We will work with YOU to negotiate lease terms, and work with you and the tenant on move in requirements like renters insurance and verification of utilities transferred into the tenants’ names.

Property Maintenance:

  • You are immediately notified of all maintenance requests and they are handled with your direction, competitively priced through trusted third-party providers or a contractor of your choosing.
  • We do NOT have on staff maintenance people as we believe it is a conflict of interest to benefit financially from your maintenance needs.
  • It also assures you that no one on staff needs a few extra hours that week at your expense.

Tenant Relations:

  • We KNOW the landlord tenant law and will make sure any concerns are handled with your best interest at heart.

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Why Work with National Property Management Group?

Whether you own multiple rental properties in Miami, working with us will make your life much easier. We work with many investors and owners who understand the business-side of investment properties but do not care for (or have time for) the property management and leasing-side of things. We work with tenants on your behalf through the entire renting process. From determining an appropriate rental value, negotiating the lease,  and then handling maintenance needs and rent collection, we make renting your properties in Miami easier and less complicated.

Tenants (even qualified tenants) Can Be a Hassle

Investors and property owners don’t always understand what it takes to manage a property and work with tenants. Even the highly qualified tenants that rent our Miami rental properties will need proper care and attention from their landlord. If you are not “home savvy” or don’t like repairs, when it comes to maintenance, let us handle it. From collecting rent, resolving conflicts and maintaining a property, tasks and time can add up and become stressful for a property owner.

You Own Multiple Properties

In Miami, we work with investors and owners who own single or multiple rental properties and find managing tenants and property difficult or time consuming. National Property Management Group is located in Miami and can quickly respond to your tenants’ needs. We’ll take the 1am phone calls about the clogged drain and arrange for the plumber.

You Already Have a Job

Most property owners find that the benefits of hiring a property management group far outweigh the costs. For a very reasonable fee, we will provide all of the groundwork needed in order for you to generate income from your rental property. This frees you up to either spend more time investing in other properties, or focusing on other things. It also allows your renters the opportunity to work with professionals who “understand.” This leads to high occupancy rates and very low turnover for our property owners. Owning, leasing and renting property can become another part-time job but hiring a property management company will create an continuous income stream.

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You’re Not An Expert in Tenant/Landlord Law

There are several legal guidelines for landlord/tenant relationships. At National Property Management Group, we are very familiar with laws that govern rental properties and real estate. Not only will we work with renters on your behalf in full accordance with the law, but we can also advise you on the best choices and actions to take when putting your property on the rental market in Miami.

You Hate Confrontation

If you aren’t one for confrontation, managing a rental property is probably not going to be your cup of tea. Especially if you are busy. Although we pre-screen applicants and find the BEST fit for your rental property, we do have to give reminders of monthly rent payments from time to time and resolve issues that come up. We work directly with the renters to collect rent payments. We deal with deposits and fees. We’ll also handle any conflicts that come up and work quickly to resolve them so you don’t ever have to get involved.
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