Executive Leasing

We are an executive leasing group in Miami. We work with upper-level income tenants, many of whom are moving into Miami from out of the country or out of state.  They’re sophisticated, educated and live an upper class lifestyle. They want their rental home to reflect the same.

Executives searching for a Miami rental home are great tenants for many of our Miami property owners. Call National Property Management Group to list and aggressively market your rental property and get it front of executive tenants. Our connections in the real estate industry, both locally and nationwide, allow us to find qualified tenants to lease Miami rental properties.

With executive leasing comes a high expectation of superior property management. In addition to leasing services, we provide landlord services and will manage the property. Not only will we ensure the property is well maintained and payments are collected on time, but we will provide professional and timely responsiveness to tenants requiring maintenance or have rental property concerns that need to be resolved.

If you have the capital to invest or a current property you’d like to lease, but haven’t the first idea about how to get qualified tenants or manage the properties, call National Property Management Group. We’ll put our experience and integrity to work for you to generate continuous,  hassle-free investment income.

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