Miami Property Management

Our professional leasing and property management services are available for Miami homeowners and investors seeking qualified tenants for their properties. Because the Miami rental market is strong and full of high-profile tenants seeking upper-class housing, our professional services and property managers are an advantage for many Miami owners.

Some clients choose to use our services from start-to-finish and others simply need our assistance finding a tenant. Others may need help with paperwork and background checks. We cater our services to each property owner.  Please call us to discuss your specific needs in listing and/or managing a rental property in Miami.

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Leasing Services for Miami Rental Properties

We have over a decade of experience and knowledge in property leasing and management. Because of our expertise, we can handle the entire process and make owning a rental property easy (and possibly even enjoyable!) We pour our passion and experience into each home we lease and manage. If you’re in Miami and are considering leasing your property, we offer the following services:

Finding a Tenant to Lease Your Home

Using National Property Management Group to lease your home begins with a simple phone call (or contact us form.) Once you contact us and supply your property information, we will call you to go through the details. Our leasing services include:

• Property evaluations
• Recommend repair or cosmetic updates to maximize rent.
• Recommend a monthly rental amount based on market comparables.
• Market and advertise your property.
• Advertise on popular and local rental web sites.
• Prescreen calls and personally show the property to prospective tenant(s).

Marketing Your Home for Rent

Once your home is listed for lease, we will handle all of the marketing and advertising to promote the listing.

Then, we’ll market your listing on the top national high-profile websites for mid-to-high end rental properties. Some of the websites we use include:

Ablewise, AdsinUSA.com, Backpage.com, Craig’s list, CoxMedia. Cyberhomes, Ebay classifieds, ExpressNightOut.com, Feedburner, Front Door, geebo, Googlebase, homes.com, HotPads.com, HousesForRent.ws, indeed, Inetgiant, kwikrents.com, ListHub.net, Listpic.com, Local.com, Lycos.com, MattFind.com, MediaGeneral.com, Military.com, Millionrss, My New Place, mynewspace.com, myspace.com, MySpaceClassifieds, Ollo, OLX, Oodle.com, Overstock, RealtyFeedSearch, Rentals.com, RentalHouses.com, Rentbits, RentList, RentSpeed, Simply hired, tenant.com, TenantPlus.com, Trulia, twitter.com, Vast.com, VillagesList.com, WalmartClassifieds, Yakaz, Yahoo! Real Estate, Zikbay. Zillow.com, Zilpy.com

Last, with a sign  (if you desire)  and online website listing (including photos), we’ll place a lockbox on the door. Your home will be shown to potential tenants by appointment only.

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Screening Tenants for Your Home for Rent

Miami has a great pool of tenants. Most are renting not because of poor credit scores, but because they are relocating or moving back to the area for work or family. When prospective renters are interested in leasing your property, we will write up the offer for the lease and go through an application process to screen the renter.

We take the screening process very seriously. It allows us to find you the best tenant for your property. Because we treat your home as if it were our own, we ensure a quality screening process for each applicant. We use Trans-Union, one of the three major credit bureau agencies for background, criminal and credit history.  We know you may have a few concerns about leasing your property. We know how to answer  concerns and needs based on experience and knowledge. As property managers, we’re in business to not only manage your property but manage your expectations as well. We do our best to walk you through the process, especially if you are a first time property owner leasing  for the very first time.

After we have a prospective tenant(s) we will:
• Collect completed application.
• Perform tenant screening including credit scores, criminal background checks, employment and evictions history.
• Verify and actually contact all references including landlords.
• Submit all screened and qualified applications to the property owner for approval.
• Negotiate rent and lease terms.
• Execute lease agreement and other required documents.
• Collect security deposits.

Once the screening is completed we compare the reports against qualifications for leasing your property. We present you with their information and let you make the decision. On managed properties, an extensive written inspection is completed at move in.

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“Move-In” Ready Rental Homes

Once you’ve selected a tenant, we will make sure the property and renters are “move-in” ready. We will collect the first rent payment and deposit. We’ll get confirmation numbers that the utilities have been transferred to the new tenant’s names, get verification of renters insurance, give access to the renters and conduct a move in inspection.

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Property Management Services for Miami Homeowners & Investors

In addition to assisting in the leasing process, National Property Management Group can also manage your rental property. Many of our property owners have found this option highly cost-effective. By hiring a professional property manager, you can maximize profits and eliminate the hassle of managing a rental property yourself.

Maintenance & Emergency Response For Your Rental Property

When we manage your rental property, we provide timely and cost-effective maintenance for the sake of you and your tenants. This not only ensures your property is well kept (a high concern among property owners), but it also keeps your renters happy. We will not spend maintenance dollars for repairs at your property without your permission, and we are happy to work with vendors of your choice. We are also the point-of-contact for any emergency maintenance needs that arise after hours, and are available to renters 24/7.

Collecting Rent & Deposits

We will handle collecting deposits, rent and fees from your renters. We work in accordance with landlord/tenant laws and have experience in taking appropriate action if rent is not received on time. We offer tenants online payment options. We keep monthly documentation of all rent payments received and disperse payments to the owners by direct deposit.

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Advisement on Rental Investment Dollars

Because we’ve worked with investors and know the Miami rental market, we often advise investors on future rental properties. We know the rental value of homes in the area and what tenants are looking for whey they search. We manage rental properties for several investors desiring to spend their time on finding more investments and not property management.

Advantages of using National Property Management Group

• We show your property. We personally escort all applicants through your home.
• We will visit your property BEFORE you sign any contracts with us. We have an extensive database of information to help you properly price your home for rent.
• We don’t spend your maintenance dollars for repairs at your property without your permission. We will let you use your vendors or ours, if you use ours, you can speak directly with our vendors to understand all the facts.
• Our fees are overall the best we’ve seen in the area.
• We screen all rental applicants. Renting to the wrong tenant can be a nightmare. We will screen your prospects properly. We conduct credit reports, criminal searches, and eviction searches to help you make an informed decision when leasing your property.
• All credit and background checks of our rental clients are free of charge to owners.
• We comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act and other regulations to ensure that your potential tenants are handled fairly and their privacy is respected.
• We aggressively market your property through websites, signage and extensive referrals.

Charges & Fees for Leasing & Managing Miami Rental Properties

Our fees for leasing & property management of rental properties are the best we’ve seen in the area. We’re a “no surprises” company and offer up-front and competitive pricing.

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The Set Up Fee

Your only upfront fee is just 10% of one full month’s rent to list your property. (If your home rents for $2,000 per month you would pay a one-time listing fee of $200.00.)

The Leasing Commission

Most companies charge a full month’s rent for their leasing commission fee. Our commission to lease your home is 75% of the first month’s rent (6.25%), prorated to one full year. For example, if your home rents for $2000/month on a 12-month lease, the one-time commission would be $1,500. The commission for a 24-month lease on the same home would be $3,000.

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The Management Fee

To perform property management services for your rental home, other companies in the area will charge 10%. We only charge 7% to manage your home ($100 minimum.) This includes collecting rent and handling maintenance calls, etc.)

The Renewal Fee

If your tenant renews their lease, most companies charge you another full leasing commission. We will only charge you 1/2 of the regular commission. If you are using our management services, we will hold $350 in reserve to cover possible costs as needed. (This is not a fee and is refunded at close out.)