New Years Party Ideas for Your Rental

Miami | New Years Party Ideas For Your Rental
New Years Eve is just around the corner! If you’re planning to host a New Years party in your Miami rental, you’ve probably already sent out your invitations, collected RSVPs, and started your menu planning. Hosting a New Years party in a rental property can be a little di
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Finding The Right Neighborhood To Rent

If you’re relocating to another city how can you find the perfect neighborhood to rent your next home? For some people buying a home isn’t in the cards just yet so finding that great rental for the long term can be difficult if you’re not familiar with an area. Luckily there are
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Screening Tenants And Discrimination

If you’re a homeowner and have decided to rent your property until the housing market gets better you’ll need to find tenants who will occupy your home, right? Do you know how to do that? The housing market is still weak, consumer credit is weaker than normal and employment growth
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