New Years Party Ideas for Your Rental

Miami | New Years Party Ideas For Your Rental
New Years Eve is just around the corner! If you’re planning to host a New Years party in your Miami rental, you’ve probably already sent out your invitations, collected RSVPs, and started your menu planning. Hosting a New Years party in a rental property can be a little di
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Holiday Decorating Ideas for Rental Properties

Miami | Holiday Decorating Ideas for Rental Properties
With Thanksgiving officially behind us, you’ve probably started throwing around holiday decorating ideas or breaking out your holiday bins — even if it’s not exactly wintry in Miami. Decorating for winter holidays in a rental property can present challenges you might not fac
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Perks of Renting

Buying a new home or apartment is a huge decision, and it’s not for everyone. Before making any abrupt decisions, understand the perks of renting property. No Maintenance Faulty appliances and items around the house are the owner’s or property manager’s responsibility to fix. Yo
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The Tenant’s Guide To Home Protection During The Holidays

Protecting your home is the same whether you rent or own your home. Taking steps to protect it isn’t difficult but does deserve some attention. The holidays can mean travel and homes can be vacant for days or even weeks and this can be a prime time for break-ins. So keep your season
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Protect Yourself From Rental Scams

Freddie Mac, the big mortgage company, is renewing a warning of a scam that began appearing at the beginning of the housing bust. Scammers are illegally renting out foreclosed and for sale homes to vulnerable renters. They have absolutely no legal right to these homes but will appear
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